Monster iSport Victory Review

All active individuals are searching for that perfect set of earphones that are comfortable, attractive, and will interface well with their favorite device. Monster iSport Victory headphones have two incredible designs with a diverse choice of product colors. This is an obvious choice of music headgear that has the active person in mind.

Ergonomic Flow

The Monster iSport headphones are available in a standard and comfortable model, or one with in-ear construction. The in-ear model utilizes isolating ear-tips that firmly conform to the inner channels of your ear. This is a custom feature which allows the universal use of the earphones for anyone with the need for great sound on the move.

The padded ear hook will gently wrap around the anterior portion of any person’s ear for a comfortable fit. The sleek design of the Monster Victory headphones are minute, and will never interfere with the proper fit of goggles, sunglasses, helmets and other sports attire. While working out, especially with activities like riding a spinning bike, these will prove to be extremely versatile and comfortable never slipping out of your ear.

Unlink Compatibility

The Monster iSport Victory standard and in-ear models were not only conceived with looks, feel and sleekness in mind, but also flawless use with micro music devices. Everyone has there favorite method of taking favorite music with them on a run, biking excursion, or other outdoor adventure. The main concern is having the proper earphones to use with a preferred technology.

The iSport Victory is completely compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and similar devices. Uninterrupted communication for a continuous soundscape is key to enjoying an outdoor journey accompanied by your favorite music. This headset eliminates distortion assaulting your ears, and the source of your favorite sounds. It is comfortable, and will never get in the way of enjoying a workout while listening to music.

Enjoy Incredible Sound

Many sports music earpieces lack in either bass or high band sounds. This can be distracting when expecting a boost from an anticipated hook or chorus in a song. These earphones deliver exquisite balance for all types of music. Running to techno hits, or jogging to the classics is evenly enjoyed.

Model Weight Is The Only Concern

Both Monster iSport Victory models have a component that can present a concern for athletes and music lovers who want totally carefree soundscape access per Each set of Monster iSport Victory headphones has a somewhat “blocky” part that hangs from the central ear piece module. This rectangular component is noticeably heavier than the rest of the parts and will take some getting used-to. Shipping weight of the Monster iSport Victory is about a pound due to the mass of this component. After several uses however, this part becomes virtually unnoticeable to the wearer.

Monster iSport Victory standard and in-ear models are the ideal earpieces for athletes wanting to enjoy preferred Pro-sound play lists without discomfort or interference with sports attire and equipment. Invisible earpieces and continuous music are a key component to a prime workout!

Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 Review

Backbeat Go 2The Backbeat GO 2 are headphones that are specially designed with high fidelity audio to provide clear, sharp sound. The headphones are sweat proof and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The headphones are an ear bud design so they are made to fit comfortably in one’s ear. They also come with a power saving mode to save battery life. The battery lasts as long as four and a half hours on a full charge. They are cordless and run solely on the battery power. The headphones are available in either white or black.

The sound isolation ability on the Backbeat GO 2 headphones are unparalleled. They truly block out all other noise and distractions. They have excellent sound quality as well, the base is deep and strong. The headphones include controls on the wire, so you can adjust volume or forward through songs as you run. The Backbeat GO 2 is a Bluetooth enabled device and, unlike some other Bluetooth devices, it is easy to pair with whatever device you are using. You can even take phone calls with the device since you can pair it up to eight devices at the same time. There is no interference or cutting in and out while you work out. The Bluetooth signal is strong.

The drawbacks to the Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 headphones is that the charge only lasts about four hours. Depending upon your workout schedule, this may not be enough time. It also took a few tries to get them to fit perfectly in my ears. While they come with different size buds, it may take trial and error to find the right set that fits snugly. The wireless design also takes some getting used to, it can loop and snag on things since it’s not connected to an iPod or MP3 player. The controls are also somewhat small so they can take some getting used to. There are many cheap headphones on the market today so the Backbeat GO 2 is an expensive purchase.

The Backbeat GO 2 is one of the best workout headphones on the marketplace today. There are similar, and cheaper, devices such as the LG Tone and Panasonic. The Tone, however, suffers from poorer sound quality and it’s not as comfortable as the Backbeat GO 2. The Backbeat GO 2 average around $60-80, which is average for the market. It’s a deal compared to other wireless headphones out there.